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Where each ship is a blank slate with its own style and design, ship components are the nuts and bolts of customization. From the recharge rate of shields to the raw hull-busting power of a ballistic weapon, each component has unique characteristics and behaviors.

Broadly, each ship component can be placed into one of nine hardpoints[1]

  • Hull: The body of the ship for mounting additional armor, reducing weight, or modifying cross-section
  • Avionics: The computer systems of the ship, upgraded with better turret AI, missile lock systems, etc.
  • Power Plant: Supplies the power for all other systems
  • Afterburners: Burns extra fuel to provide a boost to the ship's thrust
  • Shield Generators: Shields protect the ship from debris and enemy attacks; coming in multiple sizes and with varying characteristics.
  • Radar: It can be used to detect vehicles, guided missiles and terrain.
  • Fuel Tank: Stores and delivers mass to the ship's power plant for power and thrust generation
  • Maneuvering Thrusters: Small thrusters that provide the majority of controlling thrust to orient the ship
  • Main Thrusters: Provide the majority of forward thrust for the ship
  • Miscellaneous Weapon batteries, ammo racks, additional cooling systems, etc.
  • Weapons: The sharp edge to any combat ship, weapons are designed for any pilot to defend themselves; or go on the attack.

Ship components may be purchased from a variety of weapon manufacturers including Klaus & Werner or Apocalypse Arms.


  1. Comm-Link detailing the hard points and ship components. Transmission - Comm-Link


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