Lore is the created history of the Star Citizen Universe, or Verse. This includes every historic event, people, places, alien races, and anything else of significance to a living, breathing Verse.

Loremaker's Guide To The Galaxy

The bulk of the Lore is created and written by the Lore team at CIG, but Chris Roberts has made it very well known that he wants players to have the opportunity to create lore, both by in-game exploits, and by writing stories of, and about the Verse. In keeping that promise, all Subscribers who subscribe for at least one year, will have their names put somewhere within the Verse when the game goes live.

Lore is also how we currently get information about the races within Star Citizen, such as the Banu, Tevarin, United Empire of Earth, Vanduul, and Xi'an. These stories tend to be about First Contact with a race, historic facts, and typically, conflicts between the UEE and other races, though a couple of Comm-Links did chronicle the election of the first non-human, a Tevarin, to the UEE Senate, and the issues that it created.

In short, Lore is everything of significance that has happened, does happen, or will happen within the Verse.

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