Historical timeline

Historical timeline is a work-in-progress page intended to be the gateway for a detailed archive of all historical lore events in the Star Citizen universe. Notable events from each century are highlighted. For a complete list of events, please visit the dedicated page for each century. Times are in SET unless otherwise specified. 1 Xi'an Year = Approximately 1.28 Standard Earth Years.[1]

The current in-lore year is 2954, and has so far ran 1:1 at real time plus 930 years. The events of Squadron 42 take place in the year 2945.

Before Common Era

Until 1 BCE | Notable events

300,000 BCE └─ The Hadesians have occupied all four planets in their system.[citation needed] └─ An utterly devastating Civil War between the three inner planets of the Hades System takes place. This likely leads to the extinction of the Hadesian species. Hades IV is cleft in half and Hades I stripped of its atmosphere, the weapons of war at the Hadesians' disposal have left catastrophic destruction right across the system, but it will be a very long time before another living soul sets foot in the Hades system to notice.[citation needed][2]
20,044 BCE Beginning of the Great Divide, the Xi'an civil war.[3]
19,770 BCE The Great Divide ends with the sabotage of antique weather satellites in orbit above the original Xi'an homeworld, triggering a chain reaction which destroys the planet's atmosphere, rendering it uninhabitable, and killing millions.[3]
19,668 BCE The Xi'an reset their calendar to I.0 in the aftermath of the Great Divide.[3]
10,000 BCE Dawn of Human Civilization on Earth[citation needed]. By this point Humanity is aware of the Sun, Moon and Venus.
4000 BCE Shanghai first settled.
1900 BCE First recorded observation of Mars by Sumerian astronomers.
1300 BCE First recorded observation of Mercury by Assyrian astronomers.
700 BCE First recorded observations of Jupiter and Saturn by Babylonian astronomers.

4th Century

301 - 400 | Notable events

351 Beginning of the Spirit Wars, a series of interconnected conflicts between the Xi'an and Kr'thak.

9th Century

801 - 900 | Notable events

878 The Second Imperial Age of the Xi'an empire begins with the rise of Empress Y.ah’a se Xy.ō.

12th Century

1101 - 1200 | Notable events

1147 (before) Moscow founded.

14th Century

1301 - 1400 | Notable events

1305 Beginning of The Dark at the end of the Xi'an Second Imperial Age, when the Xi'an had no ruling house due to the destruction caused by the Spirit Wars.[4]
1342 End of the Xi'an / Kr'thak Spirit Wars.[5]

15th Century

1401 - 1500 | Notable events

1457 └─ July 4th - The Xi'an officially enter their Third Imperial Age by elevating U.e'o se Kr.ē to the position of Empress, ending The Dark.[6]

16th Century

1501 - 1600 | Notable events

1522 └─ September 6th -Juan Sebastian Elcano first circumnavigates Earth.

17th Century

1601 - 1700 | Notable events

1610 └─ January 7th - Ganymede and Callisto discovered by Gallileo Galilei. └─ January 8th - Io discovered by Gallileo Galilei. Europa's discovery contested between Gallileo Galilei and Simon Marius.
1624 New York is first settled.
1655 └─ Rings of Saturn discovered by Christiaan Huygens. └─ March 25th - Titan discovered by Christiaan Huygens.
1671 October 25th - Iapetus discovered by Giovanni Cassini.
1672 December 23rd - Rhea discovered by Giovanni Cassini.
1684 March 21st - Dione and Tethys discovered by Giovanni Cassini.
1690 December - Uranus discovered by John Flamsteed.

18th Century

1701 - 1800 | Notable events

1787 January 11th - Oberon and Titania discovered by William Herschel.

19th Century

1801 - 1900 | Notable events

1801 January 1st - The first known and largest Herschel Belt asteroid - Ceres - discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.
1837 July 18th - Vasil Levski is born in Karlovo, Ottoman Bulgaria.
1846 September 23rd - Neptune discovered by Johann Galle and Urbain Le Verrier.
1851 October 24th - Ariel and Umbriel discovered by William Lassell.
1870 Vasil Levski founds the "International Revolutionary Organisation".
1873 February 18th - Vasil Levski is executed by hanging in Sofia, Ottoman Bulgaria.
1877 └─ August 12th - Deimos discovered by Asaph Hall III. └─ August 18th - Phobos discovered by Asaph Hall III.

20th Century

1901 - 2000 | Notable events

1930 February 18th - Pluto discovered by Clyde Tombaugh.
1948 February 16th - Miranda discovered by Gerard Kuiper.
1959 September 13th - The Soviet Luna-2 Space Probe becomes the first manmade object to reach the surface of Luna, impacting east of Mare Imbrium.
1961 April 12th - Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first Human to reach space, and first to complete an orbit of Earth.
1966 March 1st - The Soviet Venera-3 Space Probe crash-lands, becoming the first manmade object to reach the surface of Venus.
1969 July 16th - American Neil Armstrong becomes the first Human to visit Luna, and subsequently the first to visit a foreign astronomical object.
1971 November 27th - The Soviet Mars-2 Lander becomes the first manmade object to reach the surface of Mars, although it fails during descent.
1977 March 10th - Rings of Uranus discovered by James Elliot, Edward Dunham and Jessica Mink.
1978 June 22nd - Charon discovered by James Christy.
1979 Jovian Rings discovered by NASA's Voyager 1 probe.
1984 July 22nd - Rings of Neptune discovered by Patrice Bouchet, Reinhold Häfner and Jean Manfroid.
1992 August 30th - Kuiper Belt discovered by David Jewitt and Jane Luu.

21st Century

2001 - 2100 | Notable events

2003 September 21 - NASA's Galileo probe enters the atmosphere of Jupiter, becoming the first manmade object on the planet.
2005 January 14th - ESA's Huygens probe lands on the surface of Titan, becoming the first manmade object on the moon and first landing in the outer solar system.
2015 April 30th - NASA's MESSENGER probe crashes into the surface of Mercury, becoming the first manmade object on the planet.
2017 September 15th - The NASA/JPL operated Cassini probe passes through the Rings of Saturn and enters the atmosphere of Saturn, becoming the first manmade object to do both.
2021 James Webb Space Telescope launches on December 25th, destined for Lagrange Point 2 or L2
2022 James Webb Space Telescope reached L2 after 30 days. It took 11.5 days to deploy the secondary mirror, 12 days for the main mirror to assemble, and begin its L2 orbit
2038 Roberts Space Industries founded by Chris Roberts.
2044 "Lemming Car" AI incident occurs in Tokyo.[7]
2075 May 3rd - Dr. Scott Childress and his team at RSI complete the first self-sustaining quantum drive engine, capable of achieving 1/100th the speed of light.[8]

22nd Century

2101 - 2200 | Notable events

2113 April 21st - Roberts Space Industries patents terraforming technology.[9]
2120 First attempt to terraform Mars begins. Port Renatus' city center marks the first landing point and basecamp.[citation needed]
2125 04:38 EST - The Mars Tragedy kills 4,876 workers during the final terraforming stages of Mars.[10]
2136 June 23 - During one of its live test flights, the hull of an RSI Zeus prototype rips apart upon leaving Earth's atmosphere, completely destroying the ship and killing its test pilot.[11]
2137 March 19, 15:09 SET - Renowned test pilot Michelle "Sal" Saleno concludes the first successful test flight of the RSI Zeus.[11]
2140 The first commercially available starship is released - the RSI Zeus short-range explorer.[citation needed]
2157 └─ March 18th - Mars declared to have been successfully terraformed. A memorial is built to honor those killed in the Great Mars Tragedy.[12] Kinah Okon goes into labor at the ceremony.[citation needed] └─ March 19th, 01:28 - Abeni Okon, the first extraterrestrial human, is born at the Port Renatus infirmary on Mars.[citation needed][13]

23rd Century

2201 - 2300 | Notable events

2214 A new version of the RSI engine is released,[14] allowing travel up to 1/10th the speed of light. More ships now exploring the Sol system.
2232 Launch of humanity's first interstellar starship, Artemis, towards GJ 667Cc.[15] Captain, crew and thousands of volunteer colonists are placed in stasis for the flight. Abeni Okon is a guest of honor at the launch. Ultimately the ship disappears.[citation needed]
2243 The Human company Argo Astronautics is founded by Alana Redmond in Sol.[16]
2252 September 12th - Abeni Okon dies aged 95, and is later buried on Mars.[17]
2255 August 10th - RSI Zeus-class ship ‘C-6’ disappears during the test flight of a new type of deep-space communications system capable of transmitting in known dead regions of space.[18]
2262 A series of ships inexplicably disappear in the same area of space. Drawing comparisons to the Bermuda Triangle, the government declares the Neso Triangle a no-fly zone. There is much more myth and conjecture about why this happens than there are hard facts. The Goodman was one such ship. In August of 2262 it had departed on a supply run to a station in orbit around Neptune but never arrived.[citation needed]
2271 After almost 10 years of study, Nick Croshaw discovers the first Jump Point within the Neso Triangle and becomes the first human to travel to another star system, Croshaw, becoming the godfather of the modern NavJumpers.[19]
2279 Adaliz Dayan, a Human terraforming engineer credited with the discovery of the Banshee system, is born.[20]
2281 A committee appointed by the World Summit, a gathering of Earth's leaders, finally takes control of expansion into the Croshaw System. The Croshaw Expansion Committee is chaired by Clarence Ludwig.[citation needed]
2292 Tarsus Electronics is founded by Selma Tontil.[21]

24th Century

2301 - 2400 | Notable events

2317 Banshee System discovered.[22]
2362 Contested date of actual discovery of the Nemo System.[citation needed]
2364 └─ Nemo System officially discovered.[citation needed] └─ NemoCo purchases all Fora-based terraforming platforms from Tadmor at a steep discount.[citation needed]
2365 Centauri System discovered. Bids for Centauri III go on the market almost immediately.[citation needed]
2380 Croshaw System has been terraformed. The search for new jump points signifies the beginning of Humanity's expansion to the stars, a period known as the Human Colonial Expansion Era. Earth's social and political differences are set aside. Humans are united in their desire to strike out into the stars. The World Summit ends with a historic announcement that creates the United Nations of Earth (UNE). .[23]
Between 2365, 2438 Davien System discovered.[citation needed]
Between 2365, 2499 UNE military mission established in Davien IV's orbit. This station would later become the Banu Friendship Museum.[citation needed]

25th Century

2401 - 2500 | Notable events

2410 Shubin Interstellar founded.[citation needed]
2412 Funding for Project Far Star begins, with the intention to expand the UEE's borders out from the Virgil system by prioritizing exploration and terraforming efforts in this direction. Ultimately, the project leads to the discovery and colonization of Terra, Tiber, and Orion.[24]
2438 └─ June 12th, 3:13 - Humanity makes first contact with an alien species, the Banu, in Davien.[25] └─ October - General Neal Socolovich and delegates negotiate the first interstellar peace and trade treaty with the Banu.[26]
2441 Bremen System discovered.[citation needed]
2449 Corel System discovered.[citation needed]
Mid 25th Century Cathcart System discovered by Adelaide Lorris, who names system after Marshall Cathcart.[citation needed]
2459 The Angeli-based Spectrum network Angeli On Air begins airing in Croshaw II. It broacasts shows created by people born on Angeli, usually ones with a community or cultural focus.[27]
2460 └─ Through expansion and terraforming, there are vast amounts of land and territory for humanity to move to. Earth is overcrowded, so more and more people are leaving to stake their claim out in the universe.[citation needed] └─ Ferron System discovered.[citation needed]
2464 Marshall Cathcart kills Adelaide Lorris.[citation needed]
2466 Arial Hurston, the third CEO of Human weapons manufacturer Hurston Dynamics is born.[28]
2480 └─ The children's tale A Gift for Baba is released by Fatima Reynolds-Malik.[29] └─ Aciedo Shipworks founded. The company would eventually rename themselves to Aciedo CommRelay in 2485, going on to develop the ubiquitous relay towers used to transmit communications and navigational data throughout developed space.[30]
Late 25th Century Charon System discovered.[citation needed]

26th Century

2501 - 2600 | Notable events

Early 26th Century └─ Charon III and Cestulus (Davien II) terraformed.[citation needed] └─ Human weapons manufacturer Amon & Reese Co. is founded.[31]
Between 2500, 2533 Idris System discovered by the exploration vessel Ika'Roa.[citation needed]
26th Century Radegast bar built in Port Renatus, Mars.[citation needed]
2508 Terra System discovered. Exploration continues until 2516.[citation needed]
2511 The first show of Showdown, created and moderated by Upsana Dixit made its debut.
2514 Hades System discovered by the crew of the Merry Crow, but not declared.[citation needed]
2516 The UNE has expanded into twelve systems. While jump-points and data relays allow for quicker travel, to the systems on the edge, Earth is starting to feel quite far away. Settlement established on the planet Terra, the third planet in the system of the same name.[citation needed]
2519 Messer-era military veteran Adam Corr is born.[32]
2520 Astravin University's flagship campus, Astravin University at Cestulus (AUC) opens in Jata on Cestulus (Davien II).[33]
2522 Baker System discovered.[citation needed]
2523 └─ 70% of humans live off-world. They feel that they deserve equal representation in UNE proceedings. The government changes form once again, becoming the United Planets of Earth (UPE). The new government will be run by a tribunal; a High-Secretary (responsible for maintaining the infrastructure), High-General (responsible for expansion and protection), and a High-Advocate (responsible for maintaining the law).[34] └─ The Advocacy is formed; an inter-system police force serving the United Empire of Earth (UEE).[35]
2328 Horus System officially discovered by Marie Sante who names the system after her ship, however legend claims that the system was actually discovered several years earlier by fourteen-year-old Sante after she stole a ship to flee her family in Gonn. Horus becomes the only system to have been discovered and have all of its celestial bodies charted by the same person.[citation needed]
2529 └─ Riots occur in Jata, Cestulus.[citation needed] └─ Ferron System achieves represented status within the UPE.[citation needed]
2530 └─ Discovery of the Xi'an Empire. Humanity stumbles into their territory and are about to start terraforming. High-General Volder receives criticism for being too aggressive, while there is muscle flexing and threats from both sides. A cold war of sorts begins, with occasional casualties, but not full-on open conflict.[36] └─ As public and private interests establish operations in Horus, Marie Sante sticks to its outer reaches, singularly focused on the areas she has yet to explore.[citation needed] └─ End of the Human Colonial Expansion Era.
2532 Human ship manufacturer Aegis Dynamics is founded.[37]
2533 Idris IV certified by the UPE registry as a Recommended Growth Center. The planet enjoys a rapid population infusion and is on track to be one of the bright spots in the UPE.[citation needed]
2534 Jake Tapps, sole survivor of the Merry Crow sells the ship's logbooks to the Dynamo Corporation. The Dynamo Corporation charts and officially registers the Hades System.[citation needed]
2537 Arial Hurston, the third CEO of Human weapons manufacturer Hurston Dynamics, passes away.[28]
2541 November 15th - Dr. Kellar Lench witnesses Tevarin civilization for the first time on Kaleeth while discovering the Elysium System.[38]
2542 └─ Idris IV captured by the Tevarin. The planet suffers a series of orbital bombardments. This marks the start of the First Tevarin War. Though most of the population flee before the Tevarin finally take the planet, a few hundred stay. Rachel Locke, a local with no military training, organizes the survivors for increasingly daring strikes to disrupt the Tevarin occupiers. The group become known as The Greys.[citation needed] └─ Marie Sante discovers the jump from Horus to the Rihlah System. This makes Horus a security risk for the UPE. The government closes the system to non-military personnel, receiving little resistance from the small group of civilians that have begun to settle on the fledgling planet of Serling. Only Sante defies the order. She hides in the system's outer reaches and manages to remain undetected.[citation needed]
Between 2542, 2545-10-01 A Navy pilot in Horus reports an unauthorized ship in his sector. A battle group is mobilized only to realize that the ship was Marie Sante's. With the false alarm wasting many hours and credits, the military prioritize pushing Sante out of the system.[citation needed]
2544 └─ Operation Nemesis - UPE forces attempt to take back Idris IV. The Greys provide groundside intelligence for the attack. This operation goes down in history as the Battle of Idris IV.[citation needed]

Colonel Ivar Messer, a brilliant and ruthless strategist, distinguishes himself in the Battle of Idris IV. He quickly becomes the pride of the military and the face of the War.[citation needed]

└─ Castra System discovered.[citation needed]
2545 October 1st - Final entry of Marie Sante's journals (recovered sometime before 2617). She expresses her belief that Horus has more secrets to uncover. No further record of Sante is found.[citation needed]
2546 └─ A series of bombings occur within the United Planets of Earth (UPE), which would come to be known as the Atrocity at Jata. Then-High General Ivar Messer uses the attacks to stoke public fervor to support the creation of the office of Prime Citizen, to which he was shortly elected.[39] └─ Ivar Messer, now promoted to commander, brings the captured Tevarin leader to the UPE floor. First Tevarin War ends. He rides the popularity of his victory to become High-General. Claiming the Tribunal is an outdated system and cultivating a fear of the Xi'an, Messer proposes the creation of a new single office with the title of Prime Citizen. Upon election as the first (and last) Prime Citizen, it isn't long before he restructures the government into the new United Empire of Earth (UEE) and annoints himself Imperator, ushering in an age of unprecedented expansion and colonization - The Messer Era.[citation needed] └─ Idris IV is officially recognized. The Governors Council name the planet after famous freedom fighter Rachel Locke.[citation needed]
2554 The Behring consortium is founded on Terra, a combination of several dozen smaller research and development firms.[citation needed]
2558 Ozell Kruger founds Kruger Intergalactic on Borea.[citation needed]
2578 └─ Artist Aaron Fring is born.[40] └─ The first Orbital Utility Craft, produced by Argo, rolls off the assembly line.
2584 The Human governor Assan Kieren is born.[41]
2587 Cano System discovered along with Carteyna's first landing zones.[citation needed]
Late 26th Century Castra - Oya Jump Point discovered.[citation needed]

27th Century

2601 - 2700 | Notable events

27th Century └─ Hennowism art style is favored at this time. [citation needed] └─ Origins of the traditional Navy shanty Guardians of the Jump. [citation needed]
2603 └─ Beginning of the Second Tevarin War. Repopulated after hiding on the Fringe, the Tevarin have spent the last fifty years building their forces for the sole purpose of retaking their homeworld Kaleeth (renamed/resettled by the UEE as Elysium IV. [citation needed] └─ Under the leadership of de facto Governor Arcturus Koerner, the major landholders on Rytif band together to form the Bremen Milling, Processing & Farming Association, more commonly and simply known as Bremen Mills, the company that would later become Terra Mills. [citation needed]
2610 June 24th - Realizing that they can't win, the Tevarin decide to make a final desperate push to scuttle their ships on Elysium IV. If they can't live there, they will die there. Second Tevarin War ends.[citation needed]

Aaron Fring paints Tears of Fire depicting the fleet burning up.[40]

On or shortly after 2610 The Tevarin abandon their religion in a climatic period known as The Purge. During this time most of the Tevarin destroy their Codices, which were the holy writs of Rijora. [citation needed]
2617 UEEN Lieutenants Ahmad Harar and Carl Dyson discover a gravitational anomaly while patrolling the Horus System and become the first Humans to visit the Kayfa System, unwittingly also stumbling on the Xi'an. They were subsequently captured and interrogated. They were released 3 days later with instructions that any further UEE vessels would be shot on sight. This sets the tension felt throughout the Xi'an Cold War. [citation needed]
2633 Tears of Fire is inducted into the archive at the UPE Historical Vault for Antiquity. [citation needed]
2638 Senator Assan Kieren of Terra publicly decries the pro-military agenda of the UEE and its unconditional support of the military-industrial complex. He calls for another vote of sovereignty for Terra and its adjacent systems. Imperator Messer XI wields the UEE's brutally efficient propaganda machine to discredit and destroy Kieren, who disappears soon after. There are rumors that he is murdered, but nothing can be proven.[citation needed]
2640 Grain market crashes. Rytif and Bremen Mills fall on hard times. Population of Bremen begins to dwindle. [citation needed]
2659 Roberts Space Industries releases the

series of spacecraft.[42]

2665 Terragra, Inc founded on Terra. [citation needed]
2678 Kwame Jones writes The Heart of Horus. [citation needed]
2681 First contact with the Vanduul when they attack the Dell Township.[43]

Weeks later, there is a second attack - a small raiding party consisting of a dozen fighters and Harvester ships. Despite the overwhelming defense force waiting for them, the Vanduul attack without hesitation. [citation needed]

Between 2681, 2697 Sporadic Vanduul attacks in Orion System. [citation needed]

Imperator Illyana Messer VI uses the Vanduul attacks as a convenient tool to help remind the populace why they need the Imperator's protection. [citation needed]

2687 └─ ArcCorp is founded in a Stor-All Hangar by a group of friends as a deep-space exploration consortium. The company aims to use their lone Zeus IV spacecraft to locate and catalog jump points for UEE bounty money. Pooling credits, the quartet of friends begin the process of exploring the universe. [citation needed] └─ Human hangar manufacturer Aeroview is founded by Arthur Nassir.[44]
2697 Imperator Illyana Messer VI names her youngest son, Samuel, as her successor. [citation needed]

Imperator Samuel Messer VII is more interested in using his newfound power to torment an already subjugated population into further submission than dealing with the Vanduul threat. [citation needed]

Late 27th Century A study conducted by the University of Mentor shows that on average Ergo's residents live longer than residents of other worlds, and use words like "peaceful" and "tranquil" to describe the planet. [citation needed]

28th Century

2701 - 2800 | Notable events

2700 Bremen Mills boasts the largest agricultural holding on Rytif and changes from an association into a corporate entity in its own right. Through further standardization and streamlining, it begins to look like things could finally be turning around for the once-struggling group.
2701 Astrid Messer VII, Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE), is assassinated by agents of the previous imperator's son, Samuel.[45]
Early 28th Century └─ ArcCorp shifts focus from exploration to mining. The corporation finds success acquiring mineral rights to newly discovered planets. └─ The personality of the Orion system changes. Armitage becomes a waystation for soldiers, mercs and pilots looking for a chance to test their mettle against this elusive enemy. Stores begin accepting Vanduul tech (and in the more extreme locations: Vanduul corpses) as trade to feed the growing bloodlust of the planet. Hunting parties are organized to go look for Vanduul prey.
2712 February 16th └─ 18:38 - One of the last civilian comms is sent from Armitage. Shortly thereafter, a Vanduul fleet invades the Orion system. The attack force is larger than anything the population has ever seen. Capital ship after capital ship appears in Orion and unleashed its devastating weapons on the locals. The Battle of Orion begins. └─ The UEE Navy scrambles to mount a defense, but the carrier normally posted to the system has been tasked to Caliban to make an example of a growing political activist movement, leaving three destroyers and several frigates to handle the onslaught. The locals band together with the military while scouts race back to to alert the fleet. └─ Battle lines fluctuate for three days on and around the planet of Armitage as support rushes in to help. Despite suffering heavy losses during the initial attack, the Navy begins to push the Vanduul back toward the jump point while Marines battle over every scrap of territory on the planet surface. February 19th └─ The UEE catches its first glimpse of what would become known as a Kingship. Nearly three thousand meters in length, the alien ship dwarfs all of the remaining Naval ships combined. The ships of Humanity's front line, emboldened at the prospect of victory, are too close to avert their course and are decimated in the Kingship's first attack. └─ What transpired after that has been historically described as a slaughter. The remaining Naval forces flee the system to Tiber in the hopes of creating some kind of barricade to stop the Vanduul advance. They abandon the people of Armitage to the Vanduul in the process. └─ The Messers suffer their first decisive military defeat in over 150 years. News of this defeat and this unstoppable terror at the fringe of the universe terrifies the population who fearfully anticipate the next attack. The Vanduul have no interest in pursuit. The Kingship stays in the system for almost a year as they harvest what they need from the planets before the Clan disappears back into Vanduul space.
2715 - 2788 The military regime reaches a plateau. While the human populace has been somewhat beaten into submission, there's a current of subversion in the culture. People are starting to see the cracks in the system. Activist groups launch attacks against the political/propaganda machine. The military is stretched thin, bracing for war with Xi'an, chasing down Vanduul raiders, and trying to maintain security on the human systems. The Imperator's power is waning.
2716 └─ The Great Stalford Disaster. └─ Terragra, Inc.'s Prallies start to gain notice across the Empire. As orders from stores and stations wishing to stock the snack grow, Terragra cannot find a affordable source of wheat that they can use to reliably expand their production. Terragra offer to provide Bremen Mills with the capital needed to rebuild their destroyed facilities in exchange for controlling interest. └─ Admiral Connelly Reeves gives speech to High-Command. └─ Summer -Terra Mills, a merger between Bremen Mills and Terragra, Inc. headquarters production on Rytif. Terra Mills is able to meet demand and launches Prallies across the Empire to soaring popularity.
2717 The Human company Armitage is founded by a group of survivors from the Battle of Orion.[46]
2731 Ava Dougan's grandparents found an independent prospecting and mining business on Borea, Magnus.
2749 Founded in Cologne, Germany, Origin Jumpworks incorporates. For the first decade, the company produce high quality fusion engines used by the UEE military and mounted on the ostentatious Roberts Space Industries and Aegis Dynamics star yachts. Origin has strong ties to Earth for the first two centuries of their existence.
2750 Cathcart has built up a well ensconced pirate population.
Mid 28th Century └─ ArcCorp becomes involved with BCK, a massive terraforming conglomerate. ArcCorp has moved beyond mineral rights and is also dealing in planets for settlement. As terraforming falls out of favor, ArcCorp absorbs BCK and the massive corporate structure they had used to help shape the modern galaxy. └─ Navy pilot in Cathcart discovers the Pirate stronghold Spider.
2751 └─ The UEE move their main shipbuilding yard from Borea to MacArthur. └─ Kruger Intergalactic takes the opportunity to buy cheap real estate and abandoned equipment on Borea to expand its operations. CEO Artyom Chansiri claims that the company will stay loyal to the system, and tells numerous trade publications that its parts will always be "made in Magnus."
2757 December 3rd - Anthony Tanaka's famous refusal. The event is later commemorated by a statue in Levski, with Remembrance Day being established in his honor.[47]
2759 Origin Jumpworks produce a top-five selling midscale composite transport.
2760 Aegis Dynamics releases the

multi-role fighter.[48]

2772 Anvil Aerospace founded in Nova Kiev, Terra by J.Harris Arnold.
2783 Retaliator revamp led by Juliet Maupin of Aegis Dynamics.
2785 Pirates raid a large convoy of Kruger-made RSI parts leaving Magnus. The disruption to RSI's supply chain puts one of Kruger's key partnerships in jeopardy.
2789 └─ In a daring act of defiance, peace is independently brokered with the young Xi'an Emperor Kray by Senator Terrence Akari of Terra, who refuses to fight open war on his doorstep. Terra blasts Earth for being imperialistic and short-sighted. Xi'an look at the situation as a potential way to create a divide in the Human Empire. └─ May 29th - Senator Akari calls for an emergency session of the Senate to present the peace accord and orders an immediate vote, capitalizing on the Imperator's recreational break in Goss. The vote passes. └─ The Xi'an demonstrate their commitment to the agreement by withdrawing all military forces from Perry Line systems. └─ Imperator Messer XI refuses to sign the peace accord. └─ In a show of good faith, the UEE reduce their military footprint in Castra and, for the first time after two centuries of strict control, permit the public to move into the system, even re-purposing most of the military structures for public use. └─ Kruger Intergalactic take the opportunity to relocate to Sherman, going back on their prior promise to remain on Borea.
2790 The death of Anthony Tanaka has begun to transform the dissenters among the public from mere activists to operational revolutionaries. Messer XI knows his time is limited unless he creates a strategic advantage, i.e. bigger and better guns. Sylvain Evans, a high-ranking member of the UEE military, enlists Juliet Maupin for a classified project to produce a new line of powerful and advanced combat systems for the Messer government. Evans provides Maupin with a high-tech lab and an able team in a non-descript building in Newcastle, Borea. To keep their work secret, the project is given the codename Genly Engineering Solutions in honor of Maupin's young son. Building off the work she had done at Aegis, Maupin develops prototypes for a ballistic Gatling gun and a mass driver.
2791 Messer XI falsely accuses Ferron of being home to dissidents. Fearful of the Imperator, numerous wealthy Citizens and Messer loyalists flee the system, taking large amounts of funds and clout with them. When the eventual military strike comes, it is only thanks to the legendary bravery of the members of Squadron 78 and their heroic unwillingness to kill civilians that violence is avoided, but the economic and political damage to Ferron has already been done.
2792 └─ Anti-Messer activists began using Bremen as an operation hub to organize the overthrow of the regime. Revolutionary minded expats who had previously escaped to the Xi'an Empire were smuggled back to launch their conspiracy from Bremen. └─ Terraforming of Garron II, a planet with pre-existing life. └─ April 12th - Activist vid-footage of the Garron II aliens' rational behavior is leaked to the Spectrum. └─ April 27th - The Massacre of Garron II - Thousands of protestors on Vale are gunned down. However, news of this atrocity doesn't spread immediately. └─ The military pick up the "Genly Engineering Solutions" prototype weapons with the intention of shipping them to Kilian for testing. Footage of the Massacre of Garron II leaks to the public and the entire UEE military is mobilized to quell the rebellion. In the ensuing chaos, the crate containing the prototype weapons is offloaded into a warehouse on Cestulus where it remains for a hundred years. └─ May 3rd - The people rise up and overthrow of the government. Analysts have concluded that it was through Xi'an influence that the revolution and subsequent overthrow of Imperator Messer XI was able to succeed. The Messer Era ends. Erin Toi of Earth becomes the new Imperator and promises an age of enlightenment and social consciousness.
After 2792, May 3 └─ Imperator Erin Toi reinstates the Tribunal system to provide a check on the Imperator's power. └─ The position of Ambassador to the Xi'an Empire is offered to Senator Akari. He turns it down to focus on rebuilding the UEE. After an extensive search, Imperator Toi selects Ramon Coen for the position. └─ Imperator Toi attempts to open diplomatic relations with the Vanduul. The efforts are met only with hostility. └─ Most of Aegis Dynamics' military contracts are stripped
2793 └─ Imperator Toi meets with Senator Marshall Leon to ask him to help repair Humanity's interspecies relationships by accepting the position of Diplomatic Secretary. Secretary Leon immediately schedules meetings with Xi'an and Banu diplomats. Leon acknowledges that the repair of relationships will take time, delicacy and — most importantly — trust, but also knows that his words and promises, or even those of the Imperator, will not be enough to mend the damage done. Only a bold act of diplomacy and peace can convince the entire universe that Humanity has truly changed its ways. └─ Imperator Toi meets with Emperor Kray in the Kayfa System. Kray leads Toi on a personal tour of Tovaroh and clips a branch of a Centennial Bloom plant for her to take home. Kray also elucidates a core doctrine of Li'Tova; that one small action can affect the entire universe. During the summit, Emperor Kray amends Xi'an law to permit the Kayfa System to remain open to all Human visitors in the hopes that it will promote interest in Xi'an culture, customs and, ultimately, long-lasting peace between the two species. The Perry Line Pact is ratified and signed by both the UEE and the Xi'an Empire, officially bringing to end the cold war and birthing a new diplomatic era between both factions, one that has stayed strong through today. Armistice day, which is celebrated on May 29 each year, was established to recognise the occasion.[49] └─ Introduction of the Government Modernization Act, a proposal to move the UEE capital from Earth to Terra. The bill fails by just three votes.
2794 Secretary Leon's initial speech before the Senate regarding The Ark project. A bill is put forth that requests funds to construct an orbital platform with the dream that it will not be bound to any one location, species or government. It will travel between the systems of all species to promote and share universal knowledge while also providing a neutral, safe space for diplomatic discussions. The Senate overwhelmingly approve of the Ark. Construction is slated to start in late 2794 once a suitable location is chosen. A myriad of Senators, interested in the accompanying economic bump, campaign to have it built in their system, but Secretary Leon wants to keep the Ark apolitical. So, in a surprise move, he choses to have it built in Tayac; a system with no native population or representation in the Senate. A system long deemed off-limits to the public during the Messer era.
2795 └─ Construction on the ARK begins and progresses more slowly than anticipated. Disassembling the weaponized components proves to be more expensive and time-sensitive than expected, incurring major delays for the project. └─ The Fair Chance Act is ratified, decreeing that is a capital crime to attempt to terraform planets with developing creatures. These planets are to be left alone to give the species a chance to advance/evolve.
Between 2792, 2799 Anvil Aerospace U4A-3 Terrapin-class Scanning/Exploration Ship is developed to serve as the first ship in the Empire's defensive restructuring of the Navy. The Aegis Dynamics Avenger begins its life serving dutifully as the premiere front-line carrier plane.
2799 Origin Jumpworks are now neck and neck with RSI for gross profits in the manufactured spacecraft field.
2800 Secretary Leon wins a contentious election to become the next Imperator. Encouraged to run and endorsed by Erin Toi, Secretary Leon highlights his work on the Ark during his campaign, claiming it proves he is a consensus builder who can also repair Humanity's relationship with other species. Shortly after his inauguration, construction on the Ark is completed. Imperator Leon invites representatives from the Xi'an, Banu, Tevarin and even the Vanduul to attend the gala celebration. During his introductory speech, Imperator Leon appeals for everyone to help the Ark succeed in spreading peace and knowledge.

29th Century

2801 - 2900 | Notable events

2805 └─ The Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC) based on Saisei is formed in an arranged business merger between the failing Hato Electronics Corporation and the Musashi Lifestyle Design Unit spinoff of Acorn Limited. └─ Over the last 13 years, the UEE has experienced a steep increase in crime.
2811 ArcCorp acquire engine manufacturer NovaLight.
2818 Magnus Tobin releases the first generation mobiGlas.[50]
2832 Shubin Interstellar announces profit losses for the first time ever in the Ferron system. The mining conglomerate cites the depletion of a major mine as the cause and notes that more site closures are expected to follow. This proves to be Ferron's death knell. Years of aggressive mining has taken its toll and the system by this time has been nearly picked clean. As fast as its rise to prominence had been, Ferron's fall from grace would be even faster.
2833 Cascom elect Andre Novoselov president.
2842 In the last decade, the population of Ferron has dropped by nearly half and its economic health has dropped even lower.
Mid 29th Century Peter Weathermen founds SELF-LAND on Vann. The franchise quickly spreads.
2858 Origin Jumpworks' 890 Jump is released
2862 Juliet Maupin dies.
2863 Chronos System discovered.
2865 Synergy, a brand of drinks by Sakura Sun is developed by a team of researchers under Taka Jeong.
2868 Gallina Leigh Dougan is born, the youngest of seven, on a small compound in the hills of Borea in Magnus system. Her parents, Ava and Scafly, run the independent prospecting and mining business that had been passed down from Ava's grandparents - The Dougan Mining Company.
2871 The Fall of Caliban - the last time a Vanduul Kingship was in UEE space.
2872 └─ In response to criticism that humanity is only interested in greed and blood, the UEE embarks on its greatest achievement. Corbyn Salehi announces Project Archangel: a SynthWorld, converting a lifeless rock into a life-sustaining planet. Construction begins in Chronos system. It is viewed as the current era's legacy. A massive undertaking, it will take decades, maybe centuries to complete. └─ Conflict with the Vanduul has settled back into sporadic raids. └─The Aegis Idris Frigate Stanton is 'sealed'. The Stanton serves with the 351st Battle group for almost six decades.
2883 August - Lt. Commander Mark Derren, pilot of the Naval Pathfinder and Exploration Ship Pytheas gets an assignment on August 1 while in Boro on Crion. Assignment is to overhaul the early warning system in the Viking system and monitor for signs of Vanduul Clan activity. His final journal entry was logged on August 16 as he makes a fruitless break for the jump point. The Pytheas is hit. Derren's final act is to attempt to purge the ship's computer, but fails.
2884 The same Vanduul Clan that shot down the Pytheas attacks Caliban.
2894 Burner Zeke opens his first Dumper's Depot.
2896 January 15th - The UEE successfully capture a Qhire Khartu as it had been found derelict and pilotless by a naval recon squadron. It is taken immediately to an undisclosed bunker for further study. The Imperial researchers begin trying to decipher and understand the damaged technology.
2899 └─ Origin Jumpworks premiere their initial 200 and 300 lines of personal ships. └─ The Human company Accelerated Mass Design is founded.[51]

30th Century

2901 - 3000 | Notable events

2901 └─ A Xi'an junker, smuggling a cargo of Osoians bound for slaughter and rendering, suffers engine troubles in the Hades System. As the crew struggle to restore power to the ship, the captive Osoians, normally docile creatures, escape and proceeded to slaughter the crew, the crew of a rescue ship and ultimately each other. The wrecks of the junker and the rescue ship remain in a stable orbit of Hades III. └─ Human spaceship component manufacturer Ascension Astro is founded by a group of friends who had developed a new technique to reduce the infrared and electromagnetic signature of standard ship thrusters.[52]
2902 └─ Carteyna placed under the Fair Chance Act when life is discovered developing in its deep oceans. The current inhabitants of the planet are consolidated into a single arcology to avoid damaging to environment. └─ WillsOp Systems is founded in Croshaw.
2903 The UEE claims posession of the already-discovered Stanton system.
2904 Gavin Snarm purchases Flashfire Inc., a clone weapons company and repurposes Flashfire's resources to make ship weapons mounts.
2907 The Dougan Mining Company shuts down after accusations of embezzlement rip the family apart. Gal Dougan begins to pick up work as a contract miner. She starts a contract in the newly established Stanton system and moves into Green Imperial HEX, temporary accommodations for all the contract workers in the area.
2910 Behind closed doors, MISC sign a lendlease agreement with the Xi'an enabling development of hyrbid-tech ships, notably the Reliant series.[53]
2912 └─ Dalton Colabello buys a strange crate at a military surplus auction in Cestulus. Inside, he finds the prototype parts for the ship weapons designed by Juliet Maupin. After tracing their history, he purchases the original design documents from Maupin's great-granddaughter, sells his construction business and pours all his assets into launching Apocalypse Arms. └─ Paul Dibly, Former Governor of Tram, runs for re-election. └─ BiotiCorp is founded in Rhetor by Ted Santos and Diyo Nikolas.
2913 └─ President Jennifer Friskers of Origin Jumpworks declares Terra the new cultural capital of the UEE. Origin's headquarters are relocated to New Austin, Terra. └─ Human weapons manufacturer Apocalypse Arms is founded by Dalton Colabello.[54] └─The first Klescher Rehabilitation Facility opens.[55]
2916 The Rhetor Raiders win the Sataball championship.
2920 └─ The SynthWorld project is moving slowly and it's draining the Empire economically. This is the point where our reach starts exceeding our grasp. The disparity between the rich and the poor is reaching an all-time divide, and the poor are reacting with greater and greater frustration. The Vanduul attacks are growing in frequency and the UEE doesn't seem to be doing a thing about it. └─ The UEE sell Stanton III to ArcCorp. └─ Construction begins to rebuild the original Radegast bar in Port Renatus as it appeared in the 26th century. └─ First of the M Series Model 50 (M50) ships unveiled by Origin Jumpworks at the Imperial Engineering Expo in Prime.
2922 └─ Corbyn Salehi dies from unexpected complications with his artificial pancreas. Without his guiding force, the Synthworld effort falls on hard times. └─ Drake Interplanetary lose a UEE "contest". They incorporate soon after and the Cutlass is re-appropriated as a civilian craft. Jan Dredge becomes CEO, along with a seven member board which consists mainly of designers that had worked on the Cutlass. Drake bases both corporate governance and key factories on Borea. Within nine months, Drake has opened six offworld factories and gained licensed dealerships in nine systems. └─ August 9th - The DeathGrrrr attack occurs, spreading a digital virus to starship sensor systems galaxy-wide. WillsOp sensors are unaffected. └─ December 31st - WillsOp have captured a 35% market share in the private spacecraft sensor market since the DeathGrrr Attack. (up from under 1%.)
2924 BiotiCorp introduce the PurLyfe system. It is in use for less than a month before it is revealed that the system has been too zealous and was removing helpful microbes along with the bad. BiotiCorp implement a massive recall and terminate all sales and manufacture of PurLyfe devices. Despite the negative press, public favor remains with BiotiCorp for their swift handling of the problem and for the way the company rush to help those affected.
2925 The Kanis Caper.
2927 In the last five years, Drake has become the fifth largest spacecraft manufacturing concern. From the numbers alone, it looks like everyone will be flying a Cutlass in ten years
2928 └─ Imperator Kelos Costigan elected into office. └─ Suj Kossi is discharged from the UEE Navy but remains a reservist.
Late 2920s Henry Garrity begins dabbling with mobiGlas game design in his father's Self-Land hangar. The end result is Ackbar, a roleplaying game unlike anything released before for the system.
2930 Esperia begin manufacturing a replica of the Vanduul Blade.
2931 May 31st - With no return ticket, singer Gal Dougan flies to Prime on a commercial transport to appear on the Elira Awards where she performs two songs: "The Day Ahead" from her first album and "Echo" from her latest. She takes a long look at the audience, quietly thanks them, then exits the stage. After exiting the stage, Gal refuses the production transport back to Magnus, saying that she is going to take a personal ship, but all of her ships are accounted for back on her property on Borea. Gal is never seen again.
2934 RSI release an iteration of the Constellation Phoenix.
2935 The Walzer Massacre occurs aboard OP Station Demien orbiting Nexus II, marking the first serious clash between the UEE and the criminal element in Nexus. The incident occurred in between shifts, when members of the Horizon Crew slipped aboard the station and murdered the small security detail tasked with monitoring the station. Now in control of the landing pads, they allowed more of their pack to board without attracting any attention. The group stalked the halls of Demien and murdered anyone they came across. One young inhabitant managed to make it to a comm station and alert authorities before he was slaughtered. By the time they arrived, there were only outlaws left. Local authorities were significantly outgunned and were beaten back from entering the facility. They were forced to call in the Marines to retake the base. The ensuing battle lasted for six hours, as Marines and criminals fought over every centimeter of territory.
Mid 2930s First-party manufacturers begin including Flashfire mounts standard with weapon and ship designs.
2936 └─ Henry Garrity, Charlie Bass and Garrity's brother form Original Systems. That same year they launch the games "Bass' Caves of Terra" and "ULTIMATE IV". └─ The Aegis Idris Frigate Stanton transfers to the 87th Battle Group.
2937 Helios I becomes the site of a brief flurry of interest, when a scientific survey station crashes onto the planet's surface. A daring rescue by members of the local Gladiator garrison (rapidly modifying their fighters for high heat protection) saves six lives from a horrific death on live vid.
2940 └─ Esperia cease manufacturing Blade replicas. └─ Original Systems has a dozen titles under their belt and employ 300 developers at multiple studios. The company has carved out a strong niche in the market, with the consensus being that they are the roleplaying game designers to beat. Garrity strikes up a friendship with up-and-coming Terran developer Tristan Blair. Garrity offers to publish his latest title, an Ultimate-esque RPG called Times of Myth, and then hire him to design further titles at Original.
2941 └─ The Historical Truth Act is actioned. └─ A government report reveals that the recently discovered Kabal system contains a planet with ancient Tevarin settlements.[56] └─ The full truth of Ahmad Harar and Carl Dyson's discovery of the Kayfa System in 2617 is exposed. └─ James Romanov and James Vandyke leave Perigree to found InterDimension Software, the company behind Star Marine.
2942 Caldera is rolling out their first cold and warm weather suit.[56]
2943 └─ Origin Jumpworks' 85X is released └─ Banshee - Tamsa jump point discovered. └─ Terra Mills buys the Big Benny's brand from Benicio Lewis, Jr. └─ Original Systems release the massively successful space combat game: Arena Commander.
2944 └─ Latest model of the Origin 325a released └─ The Origin M50 gets a total redesign with the aim of winning the next Murray Cup. └─ According to statistics provided by the Sataball Professional League, Banu sales make up almost 35% of the total ticket revenue for the year, with border systems having even higher attendance numbers. └─ November - The Concerned Citizens Foundation embark on an ambitious project to identify and itemize every government expenditure from the 2944 fiscal year directly related to the Synthworld.
2945 └─ RSI broadcasts its Constellation Aquila commercial. └─ November 10th - Attack on Vega II marks the beginning of the Vanduul War. └─ According to the last TSAS annual report, more crime occurred in 2945 than any other year this century, and 2946 appears poised to break that record.
2946 └─ Terra Mills reveal their newest brand, TipTop, at the Vendor Association Conference. └─ The Gang Tour is established, visiting such places as Spider, Ruin Station and Olympus. └─ The film Lost Squad releases, based on the Fall of Caliban in 2871. └─ March 1st - A small Vanduul raiding party (two Scythes and another vessel) originating from Vanguard, trip border sensors from Leir. Between one and three ships land at the Estada family's settlement, located 213 km SSW of Nedila - possibly an attack on the homestead by Slavers, disguised to appear like a Vanduul raid, although this is not confirmed. └─ March 26th - The Cargo Handler Assiciation hosts the 16th annual Cargolympics on Titus. Sponsor Torreele Foodstuffs donate all proceeds from the event to Operation Solace. └─ April 5th - Sean Nazawa writes Day One: A New Dawn for Aremis Post, documenting the Attack on Vega II. └─ May 3rd - UEE Senatorial Race. Speaker Marshall Madrigal secures another term in Borea. Windel Aurelia and Yann Isher do likewise on Angeli, but Kyle Polo loses his seat to Sean Debinavi, a Universalist from Quinton. Heavy voter turnout in New York. Suj Kossi wins Jalan seat to become first Tevarin UEE Senator, Gabrielle Gracián comes in second. └─ May 17th, 18:27 - UEE Congress (396) session begins. The vote for Amendment 27 (requiring that any elected Senator must be born a Human to have voting privileges in the UEE Senate) fails. The vote for SA-43 (Supplemental Appropriations Bill) passes. └─ Between May 16–20 - The Concerned Citizens Foundation release their report. It details negligent management strategies, flagrant approval processes, and a myriad of subsidized objectives with only a passing relevance to the Synthworld Project at large. └─ May 23rd, 09:24 - UEE Congress (396) session begins. Sensible Synthworld Amendment drafted by Senator Rachel Lester (T – Vann – Croshaw Sys).
2947 └─ Origin Jumpworks' 600i series is released, including the Explorer and Touring variations. └─ MISC Prospector released. └─ RSI's new Corvette - the Polaris, is released. └─ October 27th - Consolidated Outland's CEO, Silas Koerner, announces the development of the Pioneer at the CitizenCon 2947 in Frankfurt.
2948 Anvil Aerospace releases the Arrow light fighter.[57]
2950 Imperator Election in the United Empire of Earth.[58]
2951 January 1st - Current Imperator Laylani Addison sworn into office.


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