Neoni Helmet

Helmet manufactured by CC's Conversions
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Neoni Helmet
ManufacturerCC's Conversions (CCC)
ClassificationHeavy armor
Inventory0 µSCU
Environment protection

The Neoni Helmet is a heavy helmet manufactured by CC's Conversions. Its design is based on the Fortifier Helmet.

Product description

"Show that you serve no master with the Neoni helmet. Drawing inspiration from monster myths and warrior cultures of old, this menacing visage courtesy of CC's Conversions features a dramatic paint job, fang-filled grin, and pointed holographic horns, providing protection and intimidation in one memorable helmet."

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Citadel Stoneskin Undersuit Neoni Helmet Citadel Core N/A Citadel Arms Citadel Legs
Fortifier Helmet


The Neoni Helmets were made in 3 different color variants. They were handed out to Subscribers as Subscriber Flair in February 2021 in the following manner:[2]

All helmets were also put on the Subscribers Exclusive store, so current Subscribers can retro-actively purchase each helmet for $4.00 USD.[3]



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