Renegade Cargo Vest

Jacket manufactured by Tumbril Land Systems
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Renegade Vest Cargo
ManufacturerTumbril Land Systems (TMBL)
Occupancy100514 µSCU
Production stateImplemented
Inventory3,000 µSCU
Environment protection

Renegade Vest Cargo is a jacket with an attached backpack. Currently it is the only type of "clothing" that has backpack capabilities. It was sold separately and as a bundle with the Ranger CV concept sale.

Product description

"Enjoy the open road and courier goods with the Renegade Cargo vest. A special synthetic weave bestows the vest with incredible tensile strength that can support the custom 0.375 SCU pannier, while reinforced straps keep it secured to your back even while traversing rugged terrain.[1]"

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