Xi'an company in the spacecraft manufacture industry
IndustrySpacecraft manufacture
ProductsPersonal spacecraft, military spacecraft
Manufacturer codeXNAA
HeadquartersKa'ua, Hyoton
Area servedXi'an Empire, United Empire of Earth (limited export)
FounderHouse Póa

Aopoa ( Xi'an: 9ao9poa2(AoPo'a) (Proper); literally the corporation of House Póa; ) is the Xi'an inter-system aerospace conglomerate that produces Xi'an light craft for both Xi'an and Humans. They are the only manufacturer of light-craft legally allowed in the Xi'an Empire. Currently, Aopoa and Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern are the only ship manufacturers that produce ships with Xi'an technology.


Following on the heels of a successful technology-sharing partnership with ship manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern, Emperor Kray has slowly been allowing his people to pursue more interspecies business transactions. The effects of this new policy can be seen coming to fruition in the production of the Khartu-al, the first completely Xi'an-designed ship approved for sale in the UEE, marking a significant step forward in xeno-economic trade development.

When asked for comment on their company history, Aopoa's official statement claims that they produce advanced spacecraft by the will and grace of Emperor Kray, but unofficially, it seems that they have a reputation amongst Xi'an for their aggressive political maneuvering a millennium ago when they wrested control away from previous light-craft manufacturing council. Incorporating the iconography of the Emperor's family into their prototype design, Aopoa challenged their predecessor to shoot at the sacred symbols during the trial skirmish that would determine control of the governing board. It was a clever move, as the ship could not be fired upon without risking the Emperor's displeasure, and Aopoa was able to gain control over the sector. However, the company did not have time to rest on their laurels. Before the dust could settle, numerous rivals emerged, and assuming that they had earned the position through audacity and daring alone, sought to oust the company themselves. Faced with many challengers, Aopoa surprised again by revealing the innovative dual-vector thruster technology that has since revolutionized Xi'an ship design. It seemed that their designers had been working on it in secret, but had been unable to finish it until they had acquired the resources that council control brought them. Aopoa handily defended their title and cemented their position for the centuries that have followed.

Many of the Xi'an, including Emperor Kray, were alive to personally witness Humanity's actions of centuries past and remain wary. So while Human do not yet fully know all the complexities of the Xi'an economy, we do know that Aopoa, like all Xi'an corporations, have been granted a monopoly over their unique manufacturing sector. Currently, they are the only manufacturer of light-craft legally allowed in the Xi'an Empire. As such, their leadership council has a government representative who ensures that Aopoa always has the best interest of all Xi'an at heart in their corporate decisions.[1]

The current 4-Hex logo was an attempt by the Xi'an manufacturer to appeal to a new, Human audience. After a swift (for the Xi'an) nine-year trial period, it is rumored that Aopoa will be replacing it with a more traditional, Xi'an-based mark.


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