Privilege backer status
VIP Card of Concierge Status

The Concierge (also known as the Chairman's Club) status is assigned to backers with purchases equal to or exceeds $1,000 USD. The primary benefit of this status is to be assigned a personal concierge within the RSI staff to answer your questions, requests, and answer to your needs. Concierge members are included in the first wave of Public Test Universe.[1]

The concierge status confers other benefits with larger total purchase amounts, as seen below:

Title Amount Spent ($USD) Benefits
High Admiral $1,000
Grand Admiral $2,500
Space Marshal $5,000
Wing Commander $10,000
Praetorian $15,000
Legatus Navium $25,000

In-Lore Concierge Services

A number of in-lore companies exist to complement and explain some of the real-world and tangible in-game benefits Concierge members enjoy.[2]

Company Name Industry Division Known Services
Epulae Dining Concierge dining services Arranges reservations and access for dining, cocktail bars and nightclubs, such as the exclusive restaurant in Murray Tower, Aydo, Green.
Imperial Access Events management and concierge event services Arranges special events for Chairman's Club members, and acquires hard-to-get tickets and VIP access for events such as Prime Fashion Week.
Sharrington's Cross Shopping consultancy Curates catalogues of exclusive luxury products. Arranges acquisition and delivery of high-end goods across the Empire. Operates at least one showroom on Earth.
Visangio Travel and Holidays Operate a fleet of luxury Genesis Starliners and a number of resorts, including the Lagora Island Chateau on Tangaroa.


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