Manufacturer microTech (MITE)
Hacking duration modifier .5
Reliability Standard
Error chance 50 %
UEC cost 1600

The icePick is a cryptokey used to hack electronic computer systems.

Product description

Initially made to allow microTech customer support technicians to access and diagnose security-locked systems, the icePick cryptokey was named by the team for its ability to "quickly break through frozen code-blocks." Today, the powerful enterprise-level cryptokey has become available for direct purchase, allowing users and private IT professionals to problem solve issues themselves when they cannot be serviced by a microTech technician.

"There is no timer for guesswork when it comes to getting your system back online and running. The cross-link 3-rep dataline with a pinpoint response TAC can not only provide faster access, it can do it without interrupting vital stackflows."