Star Citizen

MMO first person space simulator game
Star Citizen
DeveloperCloud Imperium
PublisherRoberts Space Industries
GenreMassively Multiplayer Online (MMO) with First Person Universe
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
EngineStar Engine (Heavily modified Amazon Lumberyard)
  • TBD
  • Available now in Alpha

Star Citizen is a crowdfunded massively multiplayer online first person space simulator game for Microsoft Windows, developed by Chris Roberts' company Cloud Imperium, planned to be published by Roberts Space Industries.

It was announced in September 2012, is currently playable in alpha and there is no official release date as of 2024.[1]

The development includes a standalone single-player campaign titled Squadron 42.[2]


Star Citizen is a science fiction game, with players taking the role of humans in the milky way 930 years into the future, with the United Empire of Earth ruling over dozens of systems, worlds and moons in the 30th century, and aliens controling their own systems and worlds. While billions of Humans live within the Empire, only a small percentage have earned the right to call themselves Citizen.[3]


The game will be a sandbox featuring 100 planetary systems to explore in their entirety, and a large variety of careers. Besides space itself, players can also play aboard space stations and on the surface of planets. A large number of diverse space and ground vehicles are or will be available to pilot, ranging from personal ships to large industrial ships or carriers, via tanks or an exosuit. Many vehicles require to be multicrewed by players acting as a team to be operated optimally, with the planned possibility to hire NPCs. Players can freely move around their vehicles and enter or exit them at will including in space, and spaceships can be boarded. Specific components can be destroyed and affect the functioning of the vehicle. Similarly, localized damage applies to players themselves, and prosthetics are planned to replace destroyed body parts.

Immersion is an important element, affecting aspects of the game such as avoiding displaying health points or damage percentages in the UI. It favors a first person universe approach, where players pilot and interact with spaceships rather than playing as the spaceships.


Star Citizen is created by Chris Roberts, who is known for creating the Wing Commander games as well as for games such as Starlancer and Freelancer, and who described Star Citizen as Wing Commander and Privateer blended together.[4]

Pre-production started towards the end of 2011, with development starting in late 2012.[5][6][7]

Initially intended to release in 2014, following the massive success of the crowdfunding, several stretch goals were added, and in September 2013 a poll was held including whether the fundraising should be stopped when reaching 23 millions, mission achieved, or if it should be kept up through development and continue to offer stretch goal rewards in addition to extra features and development milestones. The vote ended with 87% for the later.[8][9] In December 2014, the fundraising reached 65 millions, reaching the last stretch goal.[10][11] Over the development, several modules and patches got delayed, and Chris Roberts eventually stopped announcing any release dates.

The team constantly share updates, behind the scenes videos and developer commentary, and makes early builds of the game available, so that the backers can test and provide feedback while the game is in open development.[12][1]

Star Citizen development is currently taking place across five studio, CIG Austin and CIG Los Angeles in the USA, CIG Manchester in the UK, CIG Frankfurt in Germany, and Turbulent in Canada.[13]


The development of Star Citizen is funded by a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign. It is the largest crowd funded project and game in the world, earning a Guinness World Records in 2015, with more than $657 million raised by the end of 2023.[10]

The game costs 45.00 USD to buy and comes as a starter package with a ship.[14] Despite being an MMO there is no subscription model to keep playing the game over time.[15] Anything bought beyond the starter package which includes the digital download itself is unnecessary and considered as a donation to support the game development, with a ship gifted as a thank you. This originates from the early game crowdfunding with crowdfunding tiers.[16][17]

Non-development related content such as behind-the-scenes shows or digital publications are funded by optional subscriptions revenue from subscribers, who receive complimentary rewards such as access to Jump Point magazine and flair items every month.[18]

Alpha modules

In 2013, Cloud Imperium Games began releasing parts of the game, known as modules, for players to try gameplay features before release.

Persistent Universe

The Persistent Universe is the core MMO component of Star Citizen in which players can create their avatars, freely navigate around the released parts of the universe, and play the sandbox as they wish including for example trading, mining, fighting, criminal activities or missions.[3]

It is the spiritual successor to Freelancer and Privateer.[19]

Arena Commander

Arena Commander is a competitive in-fiction arena-based space combat simulator currently available, in which players can fly ships in several game modes, be it against other players or AI opponents.[20]

Star Marine

Star Marine is a competitive in-fiction arena-based ground combat simulator, in which players can fight each other with personal weapons on several maps in several game modes, such as elimination, last stand or capture and hold.

It has been available since January 2017 Alpha 2.6.0.[21]

Hangar Module

The Hangar Module enables players to explore or modify their released vehicles and to interact with the ship's systems. The hangar also features decorations and flair that can be placed and arranged within the hangar.[22]

Private Server

Star Citizen will let the players run their own private servers, including modding and playing offline, which will be implemented after the game has been released and running for some time.[23][24][25]

Squadron 42

Squadron 42 is a separate, standalone cinematic singleplayer campaign featuring space combat, FPS, and a branching plotline, taking place in the Star Citizen universe, and in which the player incarnates a member of the armed forces.[26][2]

It is notable among others for its cast which includes among others Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham, Andy Serkis, John Rhys-Davies, Jack Huston, Eleanor Tomlinson, Harry Treadaway, Sophie Wu, Damson Idris, Eric Wareheim, Rhona Mitra, Henry Cavill, and Ben Mendelsohn.[27]

It is the spiritual successor to Wing Commander.[4]

Squadron 42 was announced as feature complete at CitizenCon on October 22nd, 2023 and has entered the polishing phase.[28]


The Star Citizen Soundtrack by Pedro Camacho is also available separately on the RSI Website[29] and was available as a kickstarter reward for some tiers.[30] It has yet to be released. However numerous tracks are already available in game or have been released for various videos such as ships commercials.[31]

It's separate from the Squadron 42 Soundtrack by Geoff Zanelli.[32]

Hardware requirements

Star Citizen is being developed for PC with planned Linux support.[33][34] The developers have stated that bringing Star Citizen to the consoles is not planned.[35] Telemetry is available to get a rough estimate of the performance of most system configurations so they can get an idea of what to expect.[36]

Operating System 64-bit Windows 10 (Latest Service Pack)
Processor Quad core
Intel: Sandy Bridge or later
AMD: Bulldozer or later
Graphics Card DirectX 11 with 3 GB VRAM
Storage Space 83 GB
Operating System 64-bit Windows 10 (latest service pack)
Processor Quad core
Intel: Sandy Bridge or later
AMD: Bulldozer or later
Graphics Card DirectX 11 with 4+ GB VRAM
Storage Space 83+ GB SSD



  • Star Citizen was originally called Space Trader[38][39].[40] The final name was chosen maybe the night before the kickstarter, other names not working out for various reasons such as being existing company names or because of porn or the way it sounded etc. Star Citizen wasn't originally a favorite but it grew over time and felt right after the fact.[39]
  • Star Citizen was the original idea, the idea for Squadron 42 came afterwards.[38]
  • Chris Roberts said that if he still owned the rights to Wing Commander his would definitely be Wing Commander: Star Citizen or something like that. Star Citizen really is the spiritual successor to all of his work with Wing Commander, Freelancer and Privateer. If he had to sum it up, it is essentially Wing Commander and Privateer blended together.[4]


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