Yubarev Pistol

Pistol manufactured by Lightning Bolt Co.
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Yubarev Pistol
ManufacturerLightning Bolt Co. (LBCO)
Base price780 aUEC
Mass1.5 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.10
Damage typeElectron
Effective range35 m
Fire rate350 rpm
Fire modeSingle
Muzzle velocity500 m/s
MagazineYubarev Pistol Magazine (10 cap)
OpticsEmpty (S1 max)
UnderbarrelEmpty (S1 max)

The Yubarev Pistol is a semi-automatic electron pistol manufactured by Lightning Bolt Co.. It has an effective range of 25 meters.[1]

In-game description

Engineering excellence only scratches the surface of the distinct Yubarev pistol. Former merc turned weapon manufacturing mogul Irina Arkadova oversaw every aspect of the weapon, imbuing it with power, practicality, and panache. Featuring a classic woodgrain grip and cutting edge barrel design, the Yubarev fires a charged electron shot that impacts not only your target, amplifying the charge with each hit, but can spread to additional conductive targets in range.


Damage drop 0.10 / m
Max range 1000 m
Damage over distance
Type 0 m 25 m 30 m 40 m 50 m
Alpha 5.50 5.10 4.10 3.60 2.60
Shock 4.12 3.82 3.07 2.70 1.95
DPS 38.10 35.77 29.93 27.02 21.18

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.12.1.

Location Store Price (aUEC) Editions
Grim Hex Skutters 780 Default


Image Name Description
(Default) Dark grey and sliver colouring with dark wooden accents

Special editions

Image Name Description
"Deadeye" The exclusive Deadeye edition is black with gold highlights.[1] It is available as a subscriber flair.[2]
"Igniter" Lustrous orange colouring with dark grey accents - Implemented as of Alpha 3.12.1.
"Mirage" A special pearlescent coating has been applied to the Mirage edition to make the weapon gleam a range of colors based on how you look at it. Not implemented as of Alpha 3.12.1.
"Venom" Vibrant green colouring with dark grey accents - Implemented as of Alpha 3.12.1.


The Yubarev Pistol is introduced in Alpha 3.10.[3]



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