Clark Defense Systems

Human company in the armor, jetpacks industry
Clark Defense Systems
IndustryArmor, jetpacks
ProductsPersonal armor, jetpacks, helmets
Manufacturer codeCDS
HeadquartersSherman, Cascom, Castra
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth

Clark Defense Systems (CDS) is a Human personal armor manufacturer headquartered in Sherman, Cascom, Castra. Many of their products were inspired by equipment utilized by the United Empire of Earth military.[1] In 2945, CDS was awarded a government contract to research next generation light armor.[2] They also produce jetpacks.[3]

In-game description

Ground-combat defensive systems, covers a lot of commercial territory from personal armor to defense systems. Naming convention tend to be pretty straight-forward and logical.

Models: PAB-4 (Personal Ablative/Ballistic Light Armor)

QDB-12 QuiKCade (Quick Deployment Barricade)



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