Drake Interplanetary

Human low-tech spacecraft manufacturer
Drake Interplanetary
IndustrySpacecraft manufacture
Manufacturer codeDRAK
HeadquartersOdyssa, Borea, Magnus
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleAnden Arden (CEO)
FounderJan Dredge, along with other Cutlass designers
Founded2845 CE; 109 years ago (2845)

Drake Interplanetary is a Human spacecraft manufacturer that designs, manufacturers and sells spaceships in the Star Citizen universe. It is headquartered in Odyssa, Borea, Magnus. It is the fifth largest spacecraft producer in human space. Drake was founded in 2845 by Jan Dredge to produce the Cutlass medium fighter for militia use. Drake has cultivated its image since then to appeal to those seeking less conventional designs.[1] Their ships have a characteristically robust and geometrical design that utilizes many low-tech materials. Drake's target group also includes militias and pirates. The former CEOs Jan and Jon Dredge cultivated the outlaw image from the beginning of the company, which raised controversies about Drake's responsibility for pirate-related crimes.[2][3]


Cutlass development

Drake Interplanetary incorporated re-appropriated the Cutlass as a civilian craft soon after having lost a UEE "contest" in 2845. The purpose of the contest was to create a ship that could be constructed rapidly, to outfit distant home defense squadrons in times of need.

Jan Dredge became CEO, along with a seven-member board which consisted mainly of designers that had worked on the Cutlass. Drake was not the surname of anyone involved in the project; it was selected as an acceptable "smooth-sounding" name, chosen specifically in the hopes that it would make their spacecraft more appealing. This was the first of a series of money-over-all decisions that would quickly come to define the company.

The second decision was also telling: rather than incorporate on one of the UEE's traditional "homeworlds" like Earth or Terra, Drake based itself in the economically embattled system of Magnus. Basing both corporate governance and key factories on Borea (Magnus II), Drake's outlaw image became well established before the first production model Cutlass left the factory floor.

The initial pitch was to provide ships to private militia groups. The plan was that private squadrons in more distant areas of the galaxy would welcome a low-cost spacecraft solution. Regions specifically classified high insurance risks, the Drake board reasoned, would especially welcome an easier way to replenish lost spacecraft.

Sales were phenomenal: within nine months, Drake had opened six offworld factories and had licensed dealerships in nine systems. In the year following, the company had quadrupled again. Within five years they were the fifth largest spacecraft manufacturing concern and couldn't license subsystems manufacturers quickly enough. The successful company was credited in financial magazines as the little engine that could — finally a competitor that would change how companies like Roberts Space Industries and Musashi Industrial ran their businesses. From the numbers alone, it looked like everyone would be flying a Cutlass in ten years.[4]

Pirate scandal

"The Travel Safety Advisory System estimates that 15,000 people die annually in outlaw raids and the Cutlass Black accounts for two thirds of all ships used by known piracy groups."
Terra Gazette [2]

In an undercover job interview, the company CEO Jan Dredge was recorded making a controversial statement about selling the Cutlass Black to known piracy groups. After which family members of piracy victims expressed their outrage by calling for a ban on the Drake Cutlass. On April 6, 2947 Drake Interplanetary released a press statement in which they apologize for the comments made by Jan Dredge and are announcing that she is retiring as CEO of the company to spend more time with her family. Her son Jon Dredge would fullfill her duties as acting-CEO until a replacement can be found.[2] In early 2948, Drake called a press conference in Odyssa to introduce Anden Arden as new CEO, possibly against the will of Jan and Jon Dredge. Arden condemned the use of the ships by Outlaws and instituted a policy that all sales associates attend a mandatory training session every year that reviews our company policy alongside local and Empire-wide law.[5]

Drake DefenseCon

Drake DefenseCon is a yearly event organized by Drake Interplanetary to promote its products[6]. It is a tagalong of Invictus Fleet Week, because the company is not formally invited to the event due to the long-running antagonism between Drake and the UEE military.[7] DefenseCon is usually held in the same city immediately after Fleet Week.

In-game description

Makes affordable, modular ships that have become the go-to manufacturer for anyone looking to get their first ship, but have become associated with criminal elements.[8]


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