Human company in the armor manufacture industry
IndustryArmor manufacture
ProductsPersonal armor
Manufacturer codeTHP
FounderClaude Gadkari, Heizo Tam
Founded2946 CE; 8 years ago (2946) in Lago, Nexus

Tehachapi is a Human company that manufactures personal combat armor. Their products are marketed as an affordable but sturdy alternative to combat armor produced by companies like ROOK Heavy Metals and Clark Defense Systems. Tehachapi uses a mix of armor plating and a strong polymer weave to reduce its overall weight and keep its cost down.[1]


Tehachapi was created by Claude Gadkarii and Heizo Tam. Gadkarii met a mysterious armourer named Tehachapi in Olympus who manufactured impressive pieces of custom armour. Later on he tried to find the armourer to strike a deal, but the armourer had just fled the system after a dispute with Nescus, a local warlord.

After many failed attempts to locate Tehachapi, Gadkarii met Tam, and they both started designing custom armour. In 2946 one of their sets of armour was used in a Spectrum show, Shadow Siren, by the main character, Déraciné, making the company famous and a trending fad.[2]


  • Tehachapi is a valley and mountain range in California, United States of America.
  • The word tehachapi derives from the word tihachipia in Kawaiisu language and means hard climb in English according to the Tomi-Kahni Resource Center. It makes reference to the broken terrain of the area.



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