Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952
Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952
Event typeIn-game
SubtypeShip exposition
OrganizerIntergalactic Aerospace Expo
LocationTobin Expo Center, New Babbage, microTech
Date startNovember 18, 2952 (2952-11-18)
Date endNovember 30, 2952 (2952-11-30)
Concept salesCutter, Galaxy, C8R Pisces Rescue
Commemorative itemsIn-game clothing, ship models, coins;
See Commemorative items
Free-fly eventYes
Free rentalsYes (48 hours)
Stock-limited salesYes; See Stock limited ship sale

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952 was a 13-day ship exposition event held at Tobin Expo Center in New Babbage. The expo is an annual event that brings ships of all different manufacturers together to be displayed at several expo halls. As in previous years, the event was coupled with a free-fly event, allowing players without a Game Package to play the game for free, and also offering free rentals of ships on display to all players.

During the individual days, one or several manufacturers were featured. Ships and vehicles from those manufacturers were then also available in the Pledge Store, giving players the opportunity to obtain vehicles that were otherwise not available throughout the rest of the year. This event is usually the largest income source from pledges in a year, and it gives funding for the game a major boost.


Drake Interplanetary, the expo's sponsor in 2952, held the event under the heading "The War At Home." The company wanted to remind attendees that security concerns lurk close to home, even in the Stanton system, and that well-prepared citizens had a better chance to defend themselves should the need arise.

"While the brave forces of the UEE work diligently to protect all of us from Empire-level threats, there are sill ever-present dangers lurking closer to home. Millions of innocent people across every system find themselves in a daily struggle for their very lives against a surge of crime at a level unprecedented in the history of Humanity. Considered trivial by some compared to the Empire's war against the Vanduul, this growing wave of violence has remained unchecked for far too long. With the recent heinous actions of criminal gangs like the Nine Tails and XenoThreat, Drake Interplanetary has partnered with the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo to bring attention to this ongoing struggle, and to provide you with the resources you need to claim your strength and protect what's yours. Together, and armed with the right ships and equipment, we can take the power back and win this war."
Lobby poster at Tobin Expo Center

Ship showdown

The event succeeds the annual Ship Showdown. During the showdown, backers were able to vote on their favorite ship in each round during the month of September. The winning ships of this year were the Carrack, followed by the Mercury Star Runner, C8X Pisces, Scorpius. These ships will be highlighted at the expo on the 10th day.[1]

Stock limited ship sale

The event also featured sales of stock limited ships on the Pledge Store. These ships are considered 'exclusive' and are therefore only sold in limited quantities over a small period of time. Each stock-limited ship is limited to 1 per account and will be available in three waves:[2]

Click the individual time slots for a conversion to your own time zone.

Day / Date Ships Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Day 1 - November 18 Kraken (Warbond & Standalone)
Kraken Privateer (Standalone)
1600 UTC 0000 UTC 0800 UTC
Day 2 - November 19 890 Jump (Warbond & Standalone) 1600 UTC 0000 UTC 0800 UTC
Day 3 - November 20 Idris-P (Warbond & Standalone)
Javelin (Warbond & Standalone)
1600 UTC 0000 UTC 0800 UTC
Day 6 - November 23 Pioneer (Warbond & Standalone) 1600 UTC 0000 UTC 0800 UTC
Day 8 - November 25 Hull E (Standalone) 1600 UTC 0000 UTC 0800 UTC
Day 9 - November 26 Constellation Phoenix (Standalone) 1600 UTC 0000 UTC 0800 UTC

Commemorative items

Owners of the ships that made it to the Ship Showdown semi-finals received a free limited-edition ship livery and challenge coin specific to that ship. Also, all backers received two differently sized in-game ship models of the Carrack, and a challenge coin.[3]


Item Availability Price
IAE 2952 T-shirt Red For sale at the in-game event lobby 820 aUEC
IAE 2952 T-shirt Black For sale at the in-game event lobby 820 aUEC
IAE 2952 Hat Red For sale at the in-game event lobby 820 aUEC
IAE 2952 Hat Black For sale at the in-game event lobby 820 aUEC
Carrack models and challenge coins.
"Best in show" paints.


Item Availability
Carrack BIS 2952 Paint Attributed to all who have a Carrack in their (website) hangar.[3]
Mercury BIS 2952 Paint Attributed to all who have a Mercury Star Runner in their (website) hangar.[3]
C8(X) BIS 2952 Paint Attributed to all who have a C8 Pisces, C8X Pisces or Carrack in their (website) hangar.[3] This paint applies to both the C8 and the C8X.[4]
Scorpius BIS 2952 Paint Attributed to all who have a Scorpius in their (website) hangar.[3]

Spectrum badges

Special Badges were handed out for use on a player's Spectrum profile, obtainable by logging in to the game at each specific day of the event. Badges were specific to the manufacturer on display at the day of logging into the game (see Showcase schedule). Badges were attributed to accounts at the end of the event.[2]

Showcase schedule

Starting on November 18, each day one or more ship manufacturers were featured in the expo halls for 48 hours. Switches occurred at 1600 UTC daily. Each showfloor at the Tobin Expo Center was present for overlapping 48-hour blocks.[5]

Date Manufacturers Vehicles Badge
Day 1 / November 18 Drake Interplanetary

Official Sponsor of the IAE 2952

Buccaneer, Caterpillar, Corsair, Cutlass Black, Cutlass Blue, Cutlass Red, Cutlass Steel, Dragonfly Black, Herald, Mule, Cutter
Day 2 / November 19 Origin Jumpworks 85x, 100i, 125a, 135c, 300i, 315p, 325a, 350r, 400i, 600i Touring, 890 Jump, M50
Day 3 / November 20 Aegis Dynamics Avenger Stalker, Avenger Titan, Avenger Titan Renegade, Avenger Warlock, Eclipse, Gladius, Gladius Valiant, Hammerhead, Reclaimer, Redeemer, Retaliator Bomber, Sabre, Sabre Comet, Vanguard Harbinger, Vanguard Hoplite, Vanguard Sentinel, Vanguard Warden
Day 4 / November 21 Aopoa, Banu Souli, Esperia, Gatac Manufacture Khartu-al, Nox, Defender, Blade, Glaive, Prowler, Talon, Talon Shrike
Day 5 / November 22 Anvil Aerospace Arrow, Ballista, C8X Pisces Expedition, C8R Pisces Rescue, Carrack, Centurion, F7C Hornet, F7C Hornet Wildfire, F7C-M Super Hornet, F7C-R Hornet Tracker, F7C-S Hornet Ghost, Gladiator, Hawk, Hurricane, Spartan, Terrapin, Valkyrie
Day 6 / November 23 Argo Astronautics, Greycat Industrial, Kruger Intergalactic, Consolidated Outland MOLE, RAFT, MPUV Cargo, MPUV Personnel, Mustang Alpha, Mustang Beta, Mustang Gamma, Mustang Delta, Nomad, ROC, ROC-DS, STV, PTV, P-52 Merlin, P-72 Archimedes
Day 7 / November 24 Crusader Industries, Tumbril Ares Inferno, Ares Ion, A2 Hercules, C2 Hercules, M2 Hercules, Mercury Star Runner, Cyclone, Cyclone AA, Cyclone MT, Cyclone RC, Cyclone RN, Cyclone TR, Nova
Day 8 / November 25 Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern Freelancer, Freelancer DUR, Freelancer MAX, Freelancer MIS, Hull A, Prospector, Razor, Razor EX, Razor LX, Reliant Kore, Reliant Mako, Reliant Sen, Reliant Tana, Starfarer, Starfarer Gemini
Day 9 / November 26 Roberts Space Industries Aurora CL, Aurora ES, Aurora LN, Aurora LX, Aurora MR, Constellation Andromeda, Constellation Aquila, Constellation Phoenix, Constellation Taurus, Mantis, Scorpius, Ursa Rover
Day 10 / November 27 Best in Show, Weapons and Armor showcase Carrack, Mercury Star Runner, C8X Pisces, Scorpius
November 28 - 30 Finale All ships that were previously available during the expo will be rentable via the rental kiosks.


The Tobin Expo Center was accessible by MT Metroloop public transportation service at the Tobin Expo Center station.

IAE Transit map of New Babbage

Whitley's Guide

The event was covered by Whitley's Guide, with exclusive behind-the-scene looks and interviews. The teaser trailer showed an "In Memoriam: Jax McCleary" frame, indicating the original host of the series was presumed lost or deceased.[6] However, on the first day of the event, there was a sudden message from Jax's twitter account. He stated he was alive but still in the Pyro system, attempting to take off in a Cutter to head for Stanton. [7]



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