T8A Gladiator

Small ship manufactured by Anvil Aerospace
Gyártás állapota
T8A Gladiator
GyártóAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)
SzerepkörLight Bomber
Hangar típusaSmall (S2)
Általános adatok
Legénység1 – 2
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Not available for sale
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The Anvil T8A Gladiator is the UEE Navy's premiere carrier-based torpedo-plane and space-to-ground dive bomber. Operating with Hornet escort fighters, Gladiators have seen service with great success in battles across known space.[1]

Gladiator squadrons are typically divided by specialty: a carrier may have both a Gladiator torpedo squadron and a Gladiator dive bomber squadron. A back seat is occupied by a tail gunner who also acts as radio operator.[2]


Although the T8A Gladiator's prime function is as a heavy ordnance platform, its multi-role capability allows its specific loadout can be customized based on mission parameter.[3]

T8A Gladiators have been used in:

  • Strategic Space-to-Ground bombing runs
  • Support for long-range squadron missions
  • Modified C&C and target assignment for multi-squadron combat scenarios
  • Aggressive environmental recalibration
  • Capital ship torpedo strikes
  • Stealth operations
  • Supply drops through enemy-controlled territory
  • Blockade running
  • Law enforcement high-value target interception



  • T8C Gladiator: The T8C Gladiator is the civilian variant of the Gladiator.


The T8A Gladiators were originally developed to bridge the gap between fighters and bombers for the military. Since their introduction into UEE service, Gladiators have participated with distinction in military and law enforcement operations in numerous theaters around the Empire and beyond.[3]


The development of Gladiator in 2013, the initial 2D concepts and a 3D concept mesh created by David Hobbins (Conceptist). When he was done, Andrew Ley (Concept Design Director) further refined the 3D concept mesh and the ship's appearance, as well as providing rough animations for the many mechanical elements. After that, Matthew Johns (Senior 3D Artist) remodelled the ship, adding detail as well as further refining the mechanical elements and rough animations. With rendered images of the newly created 3D mesh and guidance from Paul Jones (Art Director), Gavin Rothery (Freelance Conceptist) provided a 2D 'paintover' image for the Squadron 42 version of the Gladiator. Matthew then used this 2D paintover as a guide to inform the creation of textures and shaders that define the surfaces of the ship.[3]




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